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Arthur Lukasiewicz, Acupuncturis

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Arthur may be contacted by phone or text at 386-299-0361.  Or visit him on Facebook at  “Sleepy Hollow Retreat”.

• Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture Physician
• Bachelor of Professional Studies
• Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine
• Graduated from Pacific Collage of Oriental Medicine in 2000.
• Practiced in NYC and currently in Florida since 2002 .

Founder. The Sleepy Hollow Retreat. Palm Coast, Florida.

Arthur’s Retreat is nestled within an 18 acre “quiet escape”.  It offers walking and horse back riding paths, two labyrinths, a butterfly garden, a ten Station Reflection Walk and a beautiful pond with waterlilies, its own island and gazebo.

The services offered in this peaceful setting are tailored to help you overcome emotional and physical challenges associated with your current health condition. Thus, enhancing the therapeutic effects of traditional medicine you might be currently involved in.  Within Sleepy Hollow Retreat Arthur offers the following services:

Medical Intuitive Applications

Arthur utilizes his intuitive abilities to communicate with your mind, body and spirit in order  to obtain the most suitable and effective health restoration instructions for your current health condition. He then discusses his findings with you and shares with you ways to implement a plan.  He will also provide continuous guidance through out your entire program of recovery.

Oriental Medicine

• Acupuncture and Herbology
• Chakra and Energy Harmonizing

Arthur combines two ancient medical systems of the East to help you counteract the side effects of the “harsh” treatments you may be experiencing.  Through Acupuncture, safe and natural herbal prescription, as well as balancing  your invisible energy centers called Chakras, he can help you with the common side effects associated with medication and chemotherapy.

Meditation Techniques

Arthur will teach you several simple, yet effective mind relaxation exercises.  You will be pleasantly surprised to find how well and quickly you can relax your mind with Arthur’s help.


Natural Supplementation

Arthur has found many natural and safe supplements from all over the Globe; he would love to share his findings with you.

He has formed partnerships with open minded, innovative and kind hearted medical doctors and pharmacists. In effort to compliment your current medication plan he may consult with these specialists.

Most importantly, you do not need to believe in the  presence of “energy” in your body in order to benefit from Arthur’s sessions.   He works in a comfortable wood cabin.  At your appointment he will just ask you to relax, have an open mind and no expectations. Enjoy your time with him in the peaceful cabin where he sees patients.  This unique experience will help restore the smile on your face again.

All Sessions are by appointment only. Consultation, Recommendations and Instructions are offered after each session.

Arthur loves kayaking and trail biking.  He enjoys reading.  He is currently building and maintaining trails for Tomoka and Bulow Creek State Park’s. He is the father of two children and has two dogs.  He is positive, loving and joyful and has an excellent sense of humor.

dr arther
301 Kenilworth Ave,
Ormond Beach, Florida 32174
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