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Coral Sands RV Resort

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Coral Sands Oceanfront RV Resort offers 31 sites large enough to accommodate even the largest luxury RVs.  The Resort's driveways and parking spots are made of crushed shell for absorbency and an offer a more natural beach look.Enjoy the natural dune pathways to the ocean from the RV Resort.

We invite you to experience the quiet and relaxed city of


Ormond Beach, FL


and enjoy such things as:

  • Sea Turtle Nesting Season


    May 31 - October 31 . Each year, the sea turtles have made Coral Sands Beach one of their nesting locations.  This natural event is a sight you'll never forget! Approximately 48-60 days after they lay the nests, the eggs will begin to hatch and a new generation of hatchlings begin their life in the sea.  Enjoy watching the first part of their lifetime journey as they make their way to the Ocean.
  • Right Whales Season


    December - March - Right whales make their way to the waters off Volusia County to have their baby calves. Be sure to bring your binoculars if you come during this time, the experience is breath taking!
  • Dolphins!


     Experience the extraordinary, by watching the dolphins play while drinking your morning coffee.
  • Fishing!


    Licensed fishing is allowed on the beach.  We post information  on what times and kind of fish are running on our website.  Whether it is for dinner or sport, ocean fishing is just too relaxing while you enjoy the beach
  • Moon phases- Plan a romantic evening during a full moon over the ocean or family gathering around a campfire.  Enjoy native foliage such as: Seagrapes, Saw Palmettos, Sea Rockets, Beach Sunflowers, Beach Morning Glory, Cactus and Sea Oats, with other mixed salt-spray tolerant grasses and herbs.
  •  Explore the vast ocean life from birds to crabs here at Coral Sands Oceanfront RV Resort!



coral sands
1047 Ocean Shore Blvd,
Ormond Beach, Florida 32129
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