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Designer Marketing Solutions, LLC

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Designer Marketing Solutions, LLC was born from a dinner conversation discussing the importance of social media and websites in today’s digital marketing world. My friends and I were talking about how the various companies that they worked for didn’t have a social media presence or an excellent website. One friend commented that I should start a consulting business providing social media marketing services for companies that didn’t want to hire an employee for marketing. This statement made me pause.

I had just taken to market a new website at the company I was working for at the time. I built the social media audience from scratch. I love social media and analytic reporting. How awesome would it be to do this for other companies and be my boss! Boom – I filed for an LLC, had a logo designed and set up a bank account within two days after this dinner.

The Problem


Having a website without a social media presence is like buying a good pair of designer shoes and never wearing them. Talking to other people about these shoes will mean nothing unless your friends are designer shoe lovers. Those shoes are just not going to be appreciated until you wear them and another shoe lover sees them. Just like your website needs to be put in front of the right audience for it to mean anything to your business. Just posting about your business on Facebook, Twitter, etc. will be for naught unless you know the audience you are reaching wants to hear about your goods and services.

The Solution


Digital marketing via social media is the way to get your company's product or service in front of the right audience, and this is the service I provide. I put on your great pair of shoes and walk them right in front of the right audience to engage with your business. Further, with google analytic reporting I can show what social media platforms are working and what is not to prove what social media is doing for your business. I would love to help your business. Contact me to set up an appointment.

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154 Rockefeller Dr,
Ormond Beach, Florida 32176
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