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Holly Hill History Museum

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Welcome to the Holly Hill Historic Preservation Society, Inc. website. In 1976, the 75th anniversary of the city, the Holly Hill Heritage Society was formed. The founders were Joanna Kash and Virginia Wine. Unfortunately it disbanded about 1980. However a lot of their groundwork is part of the of our museum today.

On April 24, 2001, the City of Holly Hill, in celebration of its centennial, created the Historic Preservation Board. The City Board was created with the hope that it would become self sufficient. The Board met at the 2nd Street Market in two rooms. The Society had success in getting the 2nd Street Market back to city ownership. Unfortunaltely the restoration of the building meant the Historic Society had to move. They held meetings in the Holly Hill Clubhouse until the City created a museum space in the new City Annex when Volusia County closed the library.

In September of 2006 the Holly Hill Historic Preservation Society, Inc. was established and received its 501(c)3, Not for Profit accreditation. On April 10, 2007, at a City Commission Board Workshop, it was decided to dissolve the Historic Board and roll over its operations to the Holly Hill Historic Preservation Society, Inc.  At that time the city granted a  $5,000 annual operations budget to the Society, but due to a city budget short fall the city canceled all funding. The Museum persevered thanks to donations and labor from our local citizens and the hard work of our members. We are proud to say that everything you see in our museum was all donated and operates on only all volunteer staff.

We have many projects on our agenda and need the help of our citizens. Some may say “What History does Holly Hill have"?             The answer is that Holly Hill has a very rich history and played a very important role in the early development of this area of Florida.

It is our responsibility, as a Historic Society, to educate our fellow citizens on the value, understanding and preservation of our heritage. 

It can be most rewarding to become involved. The knowledge and understanding of our past will design the roadmap of our future.

We invite you to pass on any comments, requests, or information you may have. This helps us to provide the articles and information that our readers would enjoy.  We are always searching for any old photos, postcards, letters, artifacts, books, and stories related to our city or local area. It is possible for us to duplicate your photos and written letters and documents if you are unable to donate them to the museum at this time. 

Come visit the Holly Hill Museum and Education Center.  We are located in the old library building at 1066 Ridgewood Avenue, Holly Hill.

We look forward to your visit!

holly hill musium
1066 Ridgewood Ave
Holly Hill, fl 32117
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