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Karma Castle

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The Karma Castle is a center for anyone who is on a path of


personal or spiritual growth, and for those wishing to move beyond their perceived,


limited capabilities


into a place of knowing that


we are limitless.

Located in the


Greater Daytona Beach


area in the  beautiful city of Ormond Beach Florida, our center is a sacred space which hosts many different areas of interest, yet each of them share a commonality of being in a place of expectancy, not of expectation; a place of


heightened awareness


where we will all be reaching for our greatest potential.

Our center is our local office for


Private Sessions which include Mediumship Readings, Psychic Readings, Spiritual Healing and Guided Meditation with our


Resident Tutors. We also 

provide and host; events, classes, and workshops all designed to educate, unite and inspire.  The

 classes and workshops welcome all levels of abilities, and honors the fact that everyone is on their own unique and individual spiritual path of growth and development.

The Karma Castle


embodies and represents the ancient belief, as well as modern day science that all thoughts, words and actions are energy, which brings about effects. When we place a greater awareness on expressing our highest intentions of love, peace, unity and compassion, we will experience the effects of greater happiness and harmony in our lives.  We are the architects of our own happiness as well as the designers of our dreams!

In addition to classes and workshops,


The Karma Castle


also hosts spiritually uplifting events such as


Mediumship Demonstrations,  Group Guided Meditations,


 Psychic Fairs,


Channeling Events and more!

The Karma Castle


is the home base for our Resident Tutors, International Psychic and Medium, Carl Seaver and Spiritual Healer/Reiki Master, Shannon MacDonald.

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1437 N US Hwy 1
Ormond Beach, fl 32174
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