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SB Curbing and Landscaping,LLC

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What is Concrete Curbing?

  • Concrete curbing is a one-piece, continuous and free-flowing landscape edging

  • Created on-site, it is installed cleanly and quickly on either new or existing landscapes

  • Can be custom-designed to suit your specific taste and budget

Why Use Curbing?


  • Long lasting - a durable landscape border that lasts for many years. It will not decompose like wood, break like plastic, or shift like brick

  • Low Maintenance - saves hours spent edging, trimming, and weeding

  • Practical - effecive root barrier. It keeps rocks and mulch inside flower beds and keeps grass out

  • Unique - an innovative and creative approach to landscape borders that sets your property apart from all the rest

Why US?

  • With over 13 years experience in our Licensed/Insured concrete curbing business has a lot to offer any property owner wanting to improve the appearance of their landscaping quickly and at very reasonable cost.

  • We can help you achieve a look that you will be proud of and a product that you will be happy with

  • Our commitment to excellence is backed by our proficiency in workmanship and attention to detail

  • Let us help you discover how to create a landscape environment that is unique to you

  • We are a non smoking and drug free company.

And best of all, it's


AFFORDABLE!!! It's the logical and practical choice for increasing the market value of your property. We offer a "easy" way to receive maximum value with minimum investment !!

sb curb
1498 Graham Ave,
Holly Hill, Florida 32117
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