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Solar Solutions of Florida

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Solar Solutions FL is a minority-owned small business in Port St. Lucie, FL. We are committed to providing turnkey reliable, renewable energy solutions that give you guaranteed performance and economical benefits.

We are committed to making renewable energy solutions the first option in our cities by advocating through education. Sustainability is most important in preserving our natural resource and creating a cleaner environment for us to live in.

Our economic solar LED lighting solutions help save our cities money that can now be re-purposed to address other socioeconomic issues.



We make renewable energy E.A.S.Y! Customer satisfaction is the first priority at our company. Unlike most, we assist you through the entire process by providing services from specification to installation.

  • E-Educate you about renewabe energy benefits & solutions
  • A-Assess your current application for improvements
  • S-Specify and install a renewable, reliable product
  • Y-You save on energy cost, improve safety and preserve the environment for generations to come

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Before any solar lighting supplier can provide an efficient and cost-effective lighting system, several site factors need to be determined first.

Geographic Location

  • Different geographic locations have different solar intensity which determines the size of the required solar panels

The Application

  • Different applications need different intensity

Light Intensity Requirement or Wattage Requirement:

  • Different light level requirements that may be required by specific codes.

Operating Profile -- Run Time (Duration of the Load)

  • Number of hours you need the lights to be on each night. Constant light level intensity or acceptable dimming.
solar sulutions
320 Aragon St,
Holly Hill, Florida 33127
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