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Steven Keller & Associates Inc

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Now There’s a Security Consulting Group That Understands the Needs of Architects, Engineers and Security Consultants

Still the Nation’s Leading Specialists in Museum and Library Security

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Made on a Mac

There are several hundred security consulting firms with sufficient expertise in a variety of business specialties to be able to provide quality security advice and adequate bid documents. And there are hundreds of electrical and mechanical engineering firms or IT professionals who are great at what they do and can design a technically sound security system.


But it is rare to find a security consulting firm with 30+ years of successful existence that fully understands, in depth, strategic security requirements, specialty standards, security engineering, and the architectural process. Most of the otherwise qualified firms lack experience working with high profile world class architects or fail to fully understand the business needs of the architect whose team they serve.


Now there is one firm that can meet the needs of all architects, engineers and security consultants in planning, designing, and commissioning advanced hi-tech alarm, access control and digital CCTV systems in a variety of environments.


Steve Keller and Associates, Inc.


was founded by one of the Nation’s most prominent and well-respected security consultants, and his talented partners after years of working in the profession for some of the most famous architects and cultural property clients in the world. We are not affiliated with any product. We have nothing to sell but our advice and services. We are fully insured with true professional liability insurance just like the policy the architects we work for have from a leading firm that insures architects.


If you are an architect seeking the services of a qualified security system design firm, or if you are an end user of security consulting services, we can help. And if you are a security consulting firm that lacks in-house security engineering and CAD/REVIT capabilities or if you are an electrical engineer in need of an associate firm to guide you through the various specialty standards and requirements, we can make your job easier and more profitable. Our list of references and high profile projects can bring prestige to your short list presentation and enhance the reputation of your team.  If you are a consulting or engineering firm with a lead on a project requiring services beyond your current level of expertise, we may be able to help by teaming with you to give you the expertise you need. We will not compete with you or steal your client! We do not practice architecture, just specialty support services.


Within Steve Keller and Associates, Inc, is a cultural property division “The Museum Security Group” which specializes in projects involving cultural properties with over 950 cultural property projects under our belt. So if you are not an architect but a museum manager looking for an experienced museum security consultant, you came to the right place. No other firm has the extensive experience we have in cultural property security and museum security management.


Why have we changed our name from Architect’s Security Group? Are we under new ownership? We are not under new ownership and Steve Keller is still actively involved in the company on a day to day basis with partners Alicia Ricci and Stephen Swen. We are the same consulting firm you have used and trusted for over thirty years.

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555 W Granada Blvd
# G4,
Ormond Beach, fl 32174
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