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TED Tobacco

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TED Tobacco, a national wholesale distributor and online retailer of premium cigars and fine tobaccos, was born out of necessity to supply hundreds of privately owned retail stores with the wide variety of products they needed to run their small businesses and make ends meet in the difficult financial climate created a few years earlier by a plethora of economic and political factors. Since our less than immaculate conception in a small, make-shift facility just a short time ago, our evolution has taken us on a wild and exciting ride, including expansion through multiple warehouses and distribution centers, tripling and quadrupling our distribution capacity with each subsequent upgrade.

Our record-setting growth is rivaled only by our rigorous adherence to process, which has enabled us to streamline our supply chain, production, and distribution operations through investments in innovation and automation. We track and trend our product burn rates with exceptional precision, enabling our just in time (JIT) ordering process to deliver a constant supply of product to our first in/first out (FIFO) fulfillment process. These and other ultra-efficient distribution processes enable product in-center transit times frequently measured in just hours, providing our customers with manufacturer-like freshness. This also allows us to keep our overhead costs low, translating to the best prices in the industry.

We attribute our success not only to our low prices; not only to our flexible on-line ordering processes; not only to the long hours and dedicated efforts of our management team of degreed professionals; not only to our continual process improvement initiatives driven by multiple industry quality and process certifications (although these things may have something to do with it), but in large part to what our customers’ testimonials say is the best customer service in the industry.

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9 Tower Cir W,
Ormond Beach, Florida 32174
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