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Beach Safety Ocean Rescue Earns Accreditation, Achieves Excelsior Status

Tue, Feb 23, 2021 at 2:05PM

Written by Kristen Schmutz

Belden Communications News



Volusia County Beach. Safety has been preparing for months to once again receive accreditation from the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation.


The accreditation review process occurs every three years.


According to a release, this is Volusia County. Beach Safety’s fifth consecutive accreditation, qualifying the agency for the highest level of achievement—Excelsior status. After completing his review, one of the assessors called Beach Safety Ocean Rescue an exceptional agency with exceptional personnel.


“The accreditation process is a time-intensive, highly demanding process, and to reach Excelsior status is a testimony to the team’s dedication, professionalism, and hard work,” said Beach Safety Interim Director Andrew Ethridge. “Beach Safety’s ability to effectively manage multiple components, including law enforcement, emergency medical services, and Ocean Rescue lifeguarding, along with the environmental duties required, was positively noted by the assessors.”


Earning five consecutive accreditations means, Beach Safety has met or exceeded 186 applicable standards set forth by the commission for the last 15 years.


"Volusia County Beach Safety is likely one of the most unique agencies in the country. The members of this agency are all certified in three different, and some might say disparate, disciplines: emergency medical technician, open water lifeguard, and law enforcement officer. It takes a special person with total dedication to perform all three of these functions and all three daily. This is an exceptional agency with exceptional personnel and their commitment to their jobs carries over to the accreditation process. The agency has been committed to the accreditation process since 2006 and this was their fifth re-accreditation. The team was impressed with the agency and its personnel. From the leadership on down, this is an exceptional agency. The team unanimously recommends that the Volusia County Beach Patrol be considered for re-accreditation as an excelsior agency at the next regular meeting of the Commission," said team leader Michael M. Somberg in the final report submitted to the CFA commissioners.


Maintaining accreditation through the CFA is one of many benchmarks to ensure Beach Safety functions most efficiently and effectively.


The Beach Safety Division is also accredited as an advanced lifesaving agency by the U.S. Lifesaving Association.

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