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More COVID-19 Vaccine Events Scheduled for Volusia County Fairgrounds.

Mon, Jan 25, 2021 at 12:05PM

Written by Kristen Schmutz

Belden Communications News



Officials are gearing up for three more days of vaccinations this week at the Fairgrounds in DeLand. 


Reservations for Monday have already been booked, but new registrations will open up at 9 a.m. on Wednesday for vaccination appointments for Thursday and Friday, Jan. 28 and Jan. 29. Volusia County officials are hopeful that future allocations will come in larger quantities so that the vaccine becomes available more quickly, and to more people and at more locations.


Volusia County government continues to manage the Fairgrounds site in conjunction with the Florida Department of Health in Volusia County and has plans in place for more widespread distribution once the vaccination supply increases.


“We’re still not receiving the vaccine as much and as quickly as we would like,” said Volusia County Public Protection Director Joe Pozzo. “The demand is far greater than the supplies we’re being provided right now. We’ve been assured that in time, that will change. But for now, we’re continuing to deploy the vaccine into the community just as soon as it gets here.”


According to a release, County officials have been notified that 2,300 doses will be sent to Volusia County this week for distribution at the fairgrounds – 2,000 less than last week. However, additional doses instead will be sent to the Publix locations that also are offering the vaccine in Volusia County. The Publix stores also are expected to receive an additional allotment.


“We understand the frustration of residents who haven’t been able to secure a reservation yet,” added Pozzo. “We’re frustrated too. The demand for the vaccine still far exceeds the supply, which is being controlled by the state and federal government. The good news is that with each local vaccination event, that’s more people getting their shots and fewer people seeking a reservation the next time around.”


Only the Moderna vaccine will be offered. 1,150 registrations available each day, and appointments are required.


Registration opens at 9 a.m. Wednesday, January 27 to register or call 866-345-0345.


Registrants are required to complete a screening and a consent form before receiving a vaccination; visit to review and print forms.

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